Green Party Candidate for
Vancouver North

George moved to Vancouver’s North shore 40 years ago and worked in the city’s major radio and television newsrooms from the 70s through the 90s. Back then everybody tuned in. He taught broadcast news at the B.C. Institute of Technology while producing seven independent documentaries, including award-winning work on climate change. Through all his ventures, George remained a devoutly objective reporter. Until now. 


George and his partner Anne, his three grown children and their partners — and two beautiful grandchildren — make for a wonderful family.


“I am answering the irresistible call to embrace this strong, principled, science-based Green stance. The Green movement may well be the pivot around which the entire world turns. Our job is to bring that about. It has been the best life I could imagine. Now I must pay it back.”


As one of the West’s senior communicators, George has the full basket of communications skills needed to drive our Green message into the mainstream conversation and the passion to advocate in these increasingly dark times.

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Canada has changed in the last decade, and we need to work together to take our country back.

When elected, George will work hard to:

  • Protect our most vulnerable ecosystems and slash greenhouse gas emissions by ensuring dangerous projects like the TMX expansion do not go ahead.

  • Invest in mass transit and green infrastructure as a path to solving the north shore’s intractable traffic nightmare.

  • Create a prosperous economic future by investing in proven green technology and shifting our economy away from an unsustainable fossil-fuel base.

George Orr is gathering votes from people of all political stripes, and with momentum on his side it's looking very good for a Green win in North Vancouver.


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 Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada


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