Green Party Candidate for
Vancouver North

George moved to Vancouver’s North shore 40 years ago and worked in the city’s major radio and television newsrooms from the 70s through the 90s. Back then everybody tuned in. He taught broadcast news at the B.C. Institute of Technology while producing seven independent documentaries, including award-winning work on climate change. Through all his ventures, George remained a devoutly objective reporter. Until now. 


George and his partner Anne, his three grown children and their partners — and two beautiful grandchildren — make for a wonderful family.


“I am answering the irresistible call to embrace this strong, principled, science-based Green stance. The Green movement may well be the pivot around which the entire world turns. Our job is to bring that about. It has been the best life I could imagine. Now I must pay it back.”


As one of the West’s senior communicators, George has the full basket of communications skills needed to drive our Green message into the mainstream conversation and the passion to advocate in these increasingly dark times.

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About George

Born and educated in Toronto, George Orr spent his formative years with a strong desire in his heart to make a difference in the world. He helped start Pollution Probe, Canada’s first environmental movement, in 1969 while also working as the first full-time reporter for the York University newspaper. 

Now, George has called the North Shore home for over 40 years. He is blessed to always have the support of his loving life partner, Anne, and three splendid grown children. Despite having children who live in Mexico and Australia, all the members of his family still consider Vancouver their home.

George has seen his career take many different turns: a cabinet-maker, B.C.-based reporter, and educator for important members of our community like journalists and police. As a journalist himself, he worked in Vancouver’s major broadcast newsrooms, looking at every story and issue through an objective lens which eventually served to form his worldview. George is also an award-winning documentary producer; a feature focused on historical and social issues. As a filmmaker, he explored complicated issues by taking the time and care required to explore each individual story to the fullest sense. He has made his career a life-long study of how we inform ourselves about the world issues and local challenges around us.

In addition to his professional work, over the course of his busy life George has coached his children’s soccer teams and is an avid amateur athlete, with a great love of both rugby and hockey. He has stood on countless fields and sidelines with neighbours and friends, weathering the sun, rain and snow to cheer on his kids and teammates alike. He also holds a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo.

George’s environmental and political beliefs were shaped by Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring and reinforced throughout his involvement as a founding member of Canada’s premier environmental group, Pollution Probe. As a Boomer, George knows his generation has been responsible for many great accomplishments; however, many of these actions were short-sighted and have led us down a dark path of environmental unsustainability. He believes we are now at the tipping point, and that we must act to protect this beautiful piece of the universe we call home. He considers it his duty to leverage his skills, experience, and knowledge to carve out his own space in the political landscape in order to strengthen the voices that speak for enacting real, lasting change.

Elizabeth May (Leader of the Green Party of Canada) and George Orr (Green Party Candidate for Vancouver North).

Canadians in this election, more than ever, can vote from hope and from conviction, not from fear.

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